[p4] Using Labels Inside Client Specs

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Thu May 9 10:40:01 PDT 2013

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There's nothing quite like that in Perforce. We do have a concept of an
overlay mapping that allows you to map to branches to the same location in the
workspace, but they do not interact with labels in anyway. Here's a link to
the client docs where they cover overlay mappings:


Now more to the point, how do you do something like this in the Perforce world?
Generally to do what you are describing I would use branching. I would branch
all of the files from mainline into my dev branch as of the point in time that
you created the label.

It sounds like you only want to branch the files that you plan to change, in
which case you should take a look at our task streams. They can be used with
either streams or "classic" Perforce. Here are a couple of docs on

P4V task stream guide:

Page 96 of the user guide also talks about them:

If you can give me an example of your depot structure I'd be happy to work
though a couple ways of working with Perforce to get generally what you're
looking for.

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