[p4] My journal file doesn't truncate after a checkpoint

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Mon May 13 19:40:01 PDT 2013

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How large is your journal file? From   
http://www.perforce.com/perforce/doc.current/user/relnotes.txt  one of the bugs
fixed in a later version of 2012.1 was:
#471479 (Bugs #56347,#56421) **
   On Windows, 'p4d -jd' would skip tables larger than 4GB,
   'p4d -jc' would fail to truncate journals larger than 4GB.

Is there anything in your server log or Event Viewer that could be a clue? Not
that I'd expect it to change anything, but if you just run 'p4 admin
checkpoint' does the same thing happen?

FWIW, we run our Perforce instance as a Windows service and don't have any
problems with journal truncation but we're on P4D/NTX64/2012.2/585708.

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