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Wed May 15 00:45:01 PDT 2013

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Dan.H, on 2013/05/08 18:59:35 UTC, said:
>    My Perforce depot is set up with structure along the lines of the following:
>     //depot/productA/release1/... //depot/productA/release2/... //depot/productB/release1/... //depot/productB/release2/... ...   
>   What I would like to do is specify a directory tree within "product A" for which I would like to receive changelist notifications.  That's easy on a per-release basis ("//depot/productA/release1/foo/...") but how can I do it in a way that does not require me to add an entry for each release of product A.  In other words, could I do something like this -- "//depot/productA/.../foo/..."?
If "foo" is right under the release directories I'd suggest using
the "*" wildcard instead:
Since it does not expand to all sub-directories named "foo" it has
much less overhead and is preferred.


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