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Wed May 15 07:35:01 PDT 2013

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Thanks Matt.  I will look into the task streams that you mention to
see whether it will work for our application.  Our biggest issue with
the branching, is that for the last however many years, folks have checked in so
many files(unnecessarily), that branching this codeline would add another 240K
files for the database to keep track of, and this is crushing the perforce DB,
from what I understand.  So, the problem is definitely self-inflicted
by (at this point mostly former) the employees here, and we are not in a place
where this codeline is used on many different projects.  So, you have
multiple teams that need to branch 240K files, only to edit a couple of thousand
of them.  

So, we were looking at ways that we can branch only the group of files that we
know are changing.  It just seems wasteful to branch all of that stuff
that is not going to change at all.  So, we went down the label path,
and are now looking into the overlays.  But, maybe streams will help.

I am no perforce admin, but our depot structure is as follows:

Project Depot

Common IP

Ultimately, we need to use the entire IP, and only change a 1000+
files.  The entire "ProjIP" contians over 240K files, and
this is used on many different projects.  So, if you have 4 new
projects, who all need this IP, just starting those 4, create 1 million new
files for the DB to keep track of.  Then, each project has multiple
release branches -- probably an average of 3.  So, you can see that
this thing grows exponentially.  

It would be nice to do the equivalent of applying a label on the main line of
the IP on 239K files, and just continue pointing to that label, while branching
only the 1K files or so that will be changed.

Thanks for your help!

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