[p4] integrate & merge folders with almost files unchanged

P4Matt perforce-user-forum at forums.perforce.com
Tue May 28 12:00:01 PDT 2013

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A dummy integrate is when you integrate the files over and then do a "p4
resolve -ay" to ignore the change. It gives you credit for the integration
without changing the content so that future intergrates will know that those
revisions have already been dealt with.

Honestly if I was in the same situation I would integrate R1 to R2 and run
"p4 resolve -as" afterward. This will accept only safe resolves, cases
where only one of file changed in either R1 or R2. That will quickly deal with
all of the noise from the giant edit and leave you in a state where you can
easily resolve the files that have actually changed.

If you'd really rather deal with the non-changing edits separately, you can
use "p4 integrate" cherry pick just that large change first, and then
resolve and submit it. After that you should be able to integrate from R1 to R2
without all the noise.

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