[p4] Determine max changelistId in Perforce checkout using p4java client

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Wed May 29 05:15:02 PDT 2013

Posted on behalf of forum user 'gbo'.

Thank you for your response!!

I've done some tests. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to support this
command. I've run a test like this:

server .execStreamCmd( "cstat" ,  null );
which throws: 

"com.perforce.p4java.exception.RequestException : command name
'cstat' unimplemented or unrecognized by p4java"  I assume my
syntax is correct (and client sin't outdated) since I can't find the
command in the CmdSpc doc either:


My current workaround is using "IClient.synch()" with noUpdate=true.
It seem to work OK, although I'd prefer to a single API call to check rather
than having custom logic for this.

Any chance you think I might me missing something else?
Thanks again!

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