[p4] P4DTG and multiple Redmine projects

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Fri May 31 02:50:01 PDT 2013

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Thanks Nick, that does seem to work.

Its a little backward though if you ask me - every time I create a new redmine
project I have to setup a new DTG project, and in 99.999% of cases the field
mappings will all be exactly the same.

I'm also a little confused to as why I need to provide a separate project
select field manually when there is already the the DTG_MAPID field it could use
(but of course I cant choose that as its not a select field).  But
thats probably because I dont understand segments properly  :)

BTW, do you know of anyone who has ever got the redmine plugin working with
chiliproject?  chiliproject is a fork of redmine that, IMHO, looks a
lot nicer.  The DB structure is 99% the same, but the 1% difference in
the journals table causes P4DTG to fail.


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