[p4] Solution file not being initialised correctly by P4VS on load

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Tue Apr 7 06:20:01 PDT 2015

Posted on behalf of forum user 'jamesh'.

This is a problem I've had both with 2014.3 and now P4VS 2015.1.103.4687.
When I do not have "Preload file state selected", the solution file
does not seem to initialise properly - it has a question mark in its icon,
rather than either a green dot, or the star of the other files (if lazy load
selected). Visual Studio then seems to think the file has changed. The output in
the Perforce Source Control window looks like the following:

->changes -l -c james -m 10 -s pending -u jamesh
->fstat I:\Workspace\example.sln
->changes -l -c james -s pending -u jamesh
->add -f i:\Workspace\example.sln
--->//depot/example.sln - can't add existing file

I can get it to have the correct state by refreshing the file, but this is
obviously far from ideal, and it still thinks the file has changed. This is
affecting multiple solutions, so isn't just confined to the one I'm
using primarily. In all cases, the files already exist in the depot, and the
projects and source files all initialise correctly.

Any idea as to what might be causing this? It's not a massive problem, but
is somewhat inconvenient.

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