[p4] "The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect" - Windows

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Tue Apr 7 12:00:01 PDT 2015

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You can use a client view to translate paths, but if all clients have the same
view they'll have the same local paths (relative to the root); there
isn't any platform-specific translation by default.

I'd recommend renaming these files to something that will work on all
platforms rather than trying to use special client views to give them different
paths on different systems; if the paths are different then any code which
references those paths is going to be non-portable.  That said, you
could use a client view along the lines of:

//depot/...::... //client/...DOUBLECOLON...  
to turn "::" into "DOUBLECOLON".  Be careful when
doing stuff like this; aside from the portability problem mentioned above,
performance starts to suffer quickly if you combine a lot of tricky mappings
like that (if you have one set of tricky mappings in your client and another set
in your protection table and another set in your branch view, it can get
exponentially more complicated to handle them all simultaneously and eventually
you'll get just an error).

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