[p4] Stopping notepad popup of tmp files while running change and other commands.

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Fri Apr 10 12:20:01 PDT 2015

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raysid, on 2015/04/10 06:22:47 UTC, said:
>    Sorry for delay in response.
>   In step 3 p4 client  -t  clientname is used with the intent to follow  Copy client workspace  clientname 's view and options into the  View:  and  Options:  field of this workspace, as per Manual. My idea was to sync the view of client workspace with the view of server workspace.
>    But now, i think as i have already set the p4client env variable, and have performed step 2, so 3rd step is not required(if i am correct).
>    So skip 3rd step and tell me the solution.
>    Thanks for your quick response. 
Correct -- the purpose of "client -t" is when you're creating a
new client and want it to be a copy of some other client.  If
you're currently using client A and you say "p4 client -t A"
you're just saying to make A a copy of itself, which it already
is.   :)

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