[p4] Change login timeout

P4Sam perforce-user-forum at forums.perforce.com
Tue Apr 14 11:40:01 PDT 2015

Posted on behalf of forum user 'P4Sam'.

I suspect that the users who apparently have unlimited logins aren't
actually using "p4 login" and are authenticating by setting P4PASSWD
directly on the client machine -- this is less secure than a login ticket since
the password doesn't time out and is portable across machines, but it is
permitted if the "security" counter is not set to a value sufficient
to prohibit it.

The actual login timeout is indeed set at the group level rather than at the
individual user level.  You can quickly create a group that includes
all currently defined users by doing:

p4 group -o allusers > group.txt p4 -F " %user%" users >>
group.txt p4 group -i < group.txt

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