[p4] High DPI handing in P4VS options

fourbadcats perforce-user-forum at forums.perforce.com
Tue Apr 14 13:10:01 PDT 2015

Posted on behalf of forum user 'fourbadcats'.

I'll add some more P4VS wishes here as I've discovered them.

* P4VS panes such as File History, Pending/Submitted Changelists do not have
customizable background colors. Ideally, they should honor my Visual Studio
theme (Black in my case). The white backgrounds really stand out so I've
closed the P4VS panes.

* In the panes I mentioned above, there doesn't seem to be a way to turn off
the bottom portion of the panel by dragging the splitter to the bottom. P4V does
allow that.

* File diffing: it sure would be nice to have an option for P4VS to use the
built-in TFS file diffing and merging tools.

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