[p4] High DPI handing in P4VS options

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Tue Apr 14 16:40:01 PDT 2015

Posted on behalf of forum user 'P4Shimada'.

Hi John,

Thanks for your feedback and the print screen.  To make sure I
understand your requests, better, can you please answer the following?

- When you mentioned 'no customizable background colors' is the issue
that P4VS is not following the Windows system theme menu colors for background?

Or are you using a VS theme? For example:

1) connect to perforce server
2) open a tool window (e.g. View -> Workspaces)
3) Tools -> Options -> General -> Color Theme: (set to Dark)

- When you mention there is not 'a way to turn off the bottom portion of the
panel', can you please send a print screen of what portion of the dialog
window you are trying to hide?

- When you mention the TFS diff merge tool, have you tried setting it up as a
3rd party tool?

For example: Tools -> Options... -> Source Control -> Plug-in Settings
-> Advanced -> Merge tab

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