[p4] High DPI handing in P4VS options

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Wed Apr 15 05:55:01 PDT 2015

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Thanks for the reply,

For the theme issue:

I am referring to the Visual Studio theme. I have it set to 'Dark' but
the Pending view does not have a dark background.

I'm attaching a screenshot which shows this as well as the "no way to
turn off the bottom panel" issue.cNotice the bad background color and that
the "Change: 15988   User: saspjs" area will not go away.

For the diff/merge request:

I have tried setting the third-party diff tool to "C:\Program Files
(x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio
12.0\Common7\IDE\vsDiffMerge.exe" with arguments %1 %2 but
the diff does not show up when launched from the P4VS windows. It does work if I
instead run vsDiffMerge from the OS command prompt.


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