[p4] Solution file not being initialised correctly by P4VS on load

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Fri Apr 17 02:25:01 PDT 2015

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P4Shimada, on 2015/04/16 18:20:20 UTC, said:
>    James,
>   Thanks for sending a screenshot of your general settings. That certainly does sound odd for a file in Perforce to display a blue question mark icon indicating it is not.
>   Please send a screen-shot of your solution explorer or wherever you are seeing the blue question mark icon so we can see if we notice anything that gives a clue.
>   Is there only one (1) file displaying like this or multiple?
>   Was this file(s) ever renamed in the past?
>   Can you confirm via P4V Depot or via command line (p4 files //depot/vsproject/file) that the file truly is reported as existing in Perforce?
>   Does refresh ever fix it?
>   What type of Visual Studio project is it? (i.e. web, c#) Does this happen on any of your other projects?
>   We might have to try to reproduce the issue here in case it's a bug so having your input is important.
>   Thanks in advance!
Attached screenshot of an example solution explorer demonstrating this.

It is only ever the solution file that shows this issue, but it appears to be
every single one of our solutions in the depot. Some of these files, but not
all, may have been renamed and/or moved in the past. However, the one in the
screenshot hasn't been.

I can see the solutions clearly in the depot in P4V. It also shows up using p4
files on the command line.

Refresh appears to fix it every time (although it takes a few seconds for the
refresh to complete in some cases due to the scale of some of our solutions).

As noted above, this only seems to affect our solution files, never our project
files. For reference, our projects are all Visual C++ projects.

As noted in my original post, if I have the preload cache enabled, the problem
goes away, but it can be extremely slow to load the solution for some of our

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