[p4] Stopping notepad popup of tmp files while running change and other commands.

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Mon Apr 20 03:30:01 PDT 2015

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>   It depends -- what do you want to do with the files if not revert them?  Right now they have edits that have not yet been submitted to the depot, and they're sitting on your local machine in the spot where you're about to try to put files from a different stream.  Something's got to give.  What do you want the final outcome to be?  Once we know that we can come up with the sequence of commands that will get you there.    
I would like to know both the conditions,

1.say few files i need to revert and few files i need to submit. So if i suppose
i know which files to revert and so performed revert and if i know which files
to submit, performed submit. After that doing the command "  p4 client -s
-S XYZ " will not have any issues. Right?

2.Now say in some case if i don't know or don't want to perform a submit
or revert and want to get files without forcefully using a submit or revert (can
be a case where few other users want a copy of the workspace in which they are
working together without destroying or deciding over the changes made by other
users in workspace), in that case how to use "  p4 client -s -S XYZ ".
This is one of the requirement as i am told. How to address this situation?

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