[p4] Stopping notepad popup of tmp files while running change and other commands.

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Mon Apr 20 03:45:01 PDT 2015

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raysid, on 2015/04/20 10:28:08 UTC, said:
>    I would like to know both the conditions,
>   1.say few files i need to revert and few files i need to submit. So if i suppose i know which files to revert and so performed revert and if i know which files to submit, performed submit. After that doing the command "  p4 client -s -S XYZ " will not have any issues. Right?
>   2.Now say in some case if i don't know or don't want to perform a submit or revert and want to get files without forcefully using a submit or revert (can be a case where few other users want a copy of the workspace in which they are working together without destroying or deciding over the changes made by other users in workspace), in that case how to use "  p4 client -s -S XYZ ".
>   This is one of the requirement as i am told. How to address this situation?

Some points related to the above post.

1.Consider that the Stream is not changed for a already created workspace. But
say the system User X is using can be shared by User Y. So he(Y) too chooses to
perform  "  p4 client -s -S XYZ " in order to make sure the stream of
the workspace is connected. So its just syncing with the chance of above 2
2.If Y wants files from a different stream, in such a case Y wants to merge the
contents of one existing stream which was earlier used by X and now with the
data of new stream chosen by Y. Y may choose any 1 of the above 2 points.

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