[p4] Multiple users sharing one drive?

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Wed Apr 22 14:50:01 PDT 2015

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I'd be inclined to set something up involving shelves, where to test a
change without submitting it the user shelves it (from their local workspace)
and then unshelves it on the shared drive.  When the shelf is deleted
or submitted, the files are reverted on the shared drive (and synced from the
newly submitted revisions if applicable).  This could all be fired off
via triggers to make it a one-step operation for the user (they do the shelve
and a trigger handles the unshelve on the shared drive -- in fact once that was
working I suppose you could just get rid of the shared drive entirely so that
the trigger is the only thing with access to the shared IIS server).

You still potentially have issues there where multiple users might have pending
(shelved) changes to the same files at the same time -- Perforce can handle that
sort of thing when it happens (by scheduling conflict resolutions when you
unshelve the same file multiple times with different contents), but then the
user needs to be able to resolve the conflicts, which adds a lot of potential
complexity to your tool or requires that they be able to access the shared drive
via a workspace and do the resolve themselves.  With an automated
solution one option could simply be to revert pending changes before doing the
unshelve, so only one user gets to test a pending change on the shared server at
a given time (operating under the assumption that you'll be doing most of
your testing locally).  

The exact details would depend on what works best with your developers'
habits and workflow, which I don't have a good feel for, but that'd be
the general approach I'd take.

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