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Fri Apr 24 04:30:01 PDT 2015

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Hi Stefan

Logging isn't always useful, but when you need it it can be a life
saver! For keeping an eye on performance etc we (in Perforce consulting)
tend to recommend the following:

-  turn logging on - to a higher level (3) which increases log size but allows
  you to parse the logs and analyze such things as average command response time
-  regularly (e.g. nightly)

  -  rotate the logs
  -  pruned older logs, e.g. keeping last 7 days worth or some other
    configurable value


To give you an idea, the Windows SDP has scripts to perform the above, although
it requires a particular setup to be enabled. You might find it worth having a
look at. See   
https://swarm.workshop.perforce.com/projects/perforce-software-sdp/  and also   

The SDP might be overkill for a small installation, but the ideas are good.

One other thing - I notice you have a P4AUDIT log defined - this is a log which
the majority of our customers don't have turned on - and it will also
generate reasonable amounts of data. If you have it one, then I suggest you also
rotate it and prune older ones on a regular basis.


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