[p4] Alt F X Shortcut no longer works to exit

joncombe perforce-user-forum at forums.perforce.com
Tue Apr 28 08:40:01 PDT 2015

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rhummer, on 2015/04/24 18:06:01 UTC, said:
>    This may sound odd, but when you right click in P4V does the context menu open cleanly or does it appears to open twice? This visual artifact i've seen in P4V for many years and causes keyboard shortcuts to not work.  
>   If you are seeing that, support gave me this workaround few years ago:
>   You can work around it by disabling 'Fade or slide menus into view under Windows System -> Advanced System Settings -> System Properties -> Advanced -> Performance Options -> Visual Effects window.
>   From what they told me it appears to be a QT issue.
Yes I do get the menu that appears to open twice. I tried this suggestion and it
fixes the problem. I can now use "Alt F X" to exit, which did not work
before this change. I think the issue was Alt F caused the New sub-menu to
always expand out. Now with this setting that does not happen.

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