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Thu Apr 30 13:35:01 PDT 2015

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Thank you for sending your full P4V version details right away.  Sorry
to hear you are having difficulty with the P4V 'Find File' feature.

I tested and was able able to use the feature fine. I used a Windows 7 machine
with P4V version: Perforce Visual Client/NTX64/2014.3/1007540
Here are my steps:

1] Selected the 'Depot' tab. Selected menu Search -> Find File
2] On the Find File tab, under 'Search in:' I have 'Path' from
the drop-down box and then the path '//depot/' .
    Under 'Name matches any of the following:' I
selected 'contains' from the drop-down box and then the string
'baz' in the adjacent edit box.
    I left 'Submission date or changelist' area
blank. The check-box is not selected for 'Include deleted depot files'
3] I clicked the 'Find' button.
4] The search results show up at the bottom with the 'baz.txt' file I
looked for, along with the folder it is in.

I repeated these steps, changing my search string looking for a
'build.xml' in 'All Depots' and even just '//depot/' and
each time it found all occurrences.

You can compare or send me your exact steps so we can trouble-shoot further the

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