[p4] DVCS with LDAP

Michael Mirman Michael.Mirman at mathworks.com
Wed May 6 03:16:04 PDT 2015

> The user id contains DOMAIN itself.

That's the puzzling piece for me.
We have a Linux-based server, and the domain is not a part of the user id.
I wonder:
Did you try to follow the message
> run 'p4 -u kson -p sharedServer:1666 login' to authenticate   
and get a login ticket?
Or, did the login command not work?
I would not expect to have to login - since LDAP is on - but I would try to do it anyway.

Michael Mirman
MathWorks, Inc.

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Michael Mirman, on 2015/05/04 11:01:10 UTC, said:
>    Did you try just user id - without the domain?
>   Just curious,
>   -Mike

$ p4 -d test -u kson clone -p sharedServer:1666 -r test_kson 'kson'
is not currently logged in to 'sharedServer:1666' run 'p4 -u kson -p
sharedServer:1666 login' to authenticate   

Doesn't work. The user id contains DOMAIN itself.

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