[p4] P4VS support for multiple connections

ebernard perforce-user-forum at forums.perforce.com
Thu May 7 06:50:01 PDT 2015

Posted on behalf of forum user 'ebernard'.

We have a somewhat unusual use case here with projects from multiple depots
(game engine vs game code) but we often make changes in both. Also the solution
and project files are generated and not on perforce at all.

Unfortunately p4vs only supports one connection at a time. We can work around
this by switching connection back and forth but it's faster to copy/paste
the path of the file we want to check-out in p4v and check out there.

It'd be nice to have this added at some point in the future if possible,
even if it only works with p4config. This is really just a convenience feature
request but I fear that our use case would require looking for a p4config for
individual h/cpp files and that would kill performance :/


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