[p4] Clone new client from old client

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Thu May 7 15:45:01 PDT 2015

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p4 sync -k @svr-A  
The server will then proceed to act as if the client is synced to the same
revisions as svr-A.  If this is not in fact the case, other commands
may start producing confusing results.  You can make sure that the
actual workspace contents are aligned with what the server thinks they are by
running either:

p4 reconcile  
which will open all of the files that are different (new files are opened for
add, etc), or:

p4 clean  
which will update/delete all of the local files that are different (new files
are deleted, etc).

With either command, your client view and/or P4IGNORE file limit the scope of
which files are affected, so if you have data files that aren't under source
control, you'll want to either exclude them from the view or add them to
your ignore file so that "clean" and/or "reconcile"
won't look at them.

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