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Thu May 7 17:25:01 PDT 2015

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To get a better idea of your setup and configuration, please let us know the

a] Which version of Visual Studio and the P4VS plugin are you using?

b] Are you switching between projects via the menu File -> Recent Projects
and Solutions?

c] Are these projects under different workspaces, depots or servers?

d] Do you have multiple projects under one solution? Or separate projects with
each their own solution?

If I am not mistaken, Visual Studio is designed for One solution, one Visual
Studio (VS) instance.  Besides switching between solutions in one
Visual Studio instance, you can also open another VS instance and open your
other solution with that one. In terms of projects, you can have multiple
projects within one solution and therefore view many projects at the same time.


- Add VS Project to Perforce using P4VS

- Create New VS Project in Perforce using P4VS

- P4VS User Guide

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