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Fri May 8 05:40:01 PDT 2015

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I think we need to take a step back.

Kei Son, on 2015/04/29 03:03:34 UTC, said:
>    `access for user has not been enabled by 'p4 protect'`
The error you reported generally means that the user exists, but hasn't been
given any access to the Perforce Server.
To check if that's the case, please run these commands:

# Depending on how the shared server is setup, this will either confirm that the
user exists (and if they have a password) or create them after authentication
against the LDAP server. p4 -u 'DOMAIN\kson' clone -p
sharedServer:1666 login # This will tell us how the user authenticates p4 -u
'DOMAIN\kson' clone -p sharedServer:1666 user -o # This will tell
us what the user has access to do on the shared server p4 -u
'DOMAIN\kson' clone -p sharedServer:1666 protects   
As far as debugging on 'p4 clone', I think the most useful thing to see
will be the communication between the client and the shared server turning on
the RPC trace: this will produce a lot of extra output.
To do this, just add the "global argument -vrpc=3" to the clone
command. For example:

p4 -vrpc=3 -d test -u 'DOMAIN\kson' clone -p sharedServer:1666 -r
Please let us know what you find.

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