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Mon May 11 06:05:01 PDT 2015

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Kei Son, on 2015/05/11 01:58:17 UTC, said:
>     p4  - u  'DOMAIN\kson'  clone  - p sharedServer : 1666  login
>   Is it correct command? clone + login?
Sorry, that was my mistake: a copy/paste error. It should have been:  p4  - u 
'DOMAIN\kson'  - p sharedServer : 1666  login

However, the -vrpc=3 output has given us everything we need:

Kei Son, on 2015/05/11 04:06:52 UTC, said:
>      $ p4 -vrpc=3 -d test -u 'DOMAIN\kson' clone -p sharedServer:1666 -r test_kson RpcSendBuffer func = user-remote Rpc invoking user-remote RpcRecvBuffer RemoteID = test_kson RpcRecvBuffer Address = localhost:1666 RpcRecvBuffer Owner = DOMAIN\kson RpcSendBuffer func = user-server Rpc invoking user-server Rpc dispatch client-Message Access for user 'DOMAIN\kson' has not been enabled by 'p4 protect'.     
We can see that the remote spec was successfully retrieved, which means that the
server exists, was authenticated and had permission on the remote server.

The failure came during the setup of the local server: this appears to be a bug
where the backslashes in the username are removed when the username is passed to
the Perforce Server during its initialisation.

I've logged the bug, referencing this topic; however, if you'd like to
be informed when this issue has been fixed, please email   support at perforce.com
[mailto:support at perforce.com]

It is possible to workaround this issue by performing a number of manual steps;
however this can be complicated. If you want, I'll summarise these steps.



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