[p4] Copying a Revision of a file to a new location in the client workspace.

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Tue May 12 03:05:01 PDT 2015

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Consider a situation, where i have a file at
C:\users\user1\clientworkspace1\folder1\hello.c. Say it
has got 6 revisions available. What i need is, I want to copy say the 4th
revision of file hello.c  to a new location without updating (i.e.
syncing) to the latest copy of hello.c. So I may need to keep this 4th copy at
where hello.c is the 4th revision in Revisions folder. Do i need to do any
branching for this as i just need a copy of 4th revision to be placed at my
revisions folder. There is no need to make a revisions folder at the depot.
I need to attain this by running a .bat file in windows.

Please provide a solution.

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