[p4] Copying a Revision of a file to a new location in the client workspace.

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Tue May 12 06:10:01 PDT 2015

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One method is to sync the revision you need to the workspace, then use OS
commands to copy it to the other folder on
your machine.

For example:

  p4 sync //depot/myfile#3

will sync the third revision of the file to the workspace.

Once you have copied the file, you can sync the latest (head) revision to the

Note this approach must not be used with 'p4 reconcile', because
Perforce will detect the file in the new location and open it for add.

You may also want to use a .p4ignore file, to make sure this file never gets
added, if you run 'p4 add' on the directory where it resides.

Out of interest why do you need different revisions of the same file in the same

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