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Tue May 12 06:35:01 PDT 2015

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Kei Son, on 2015/05/12 05:16:01 UTC, said:
>    I'd liked to get the manual step to test it before it's fixed.
These steps have been tailored to you, but you'll still need to correct the
references to "sharedServer".

# Init the server with the username 'kson' (the stream name comes from
the left side of your remote) p4 -d test -u kson init -p sharedServer:1666 -c
//test_kson/virtual.ml # Move into the DVCS dir cd test # Create a user with the
correct username p4 user -o 'DOMAIN\kson' | p4 user -i -f # Update
the local protections table to allow the correct username p4 protect -o | sed -e
's/kson/DOMAIN\\kson/' | p4 protect -i # Update the .p4config
file with the correct username sed -i -e
's/P4USER=.*/P4USER=DOMAIN\\kson/' .p4config # Copy the remote
spec to the local server p4 -p sharedServer:1666 remote -o test_kson | sed -e
's/RemoteID:.*/RemoteID: origin/' -e 's/Address:.*/Address:
sharedServer:1666/' | p4 remote -i # Fetch from the 'origin' remote
p4 fetch   
If you encounter any further issues, the support team will be happy to assist
(please reference this topic).



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