[p4] conflicts with new file, how's that possible?

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Tue May 12 07:40:02 PDT 2015

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Here I have a situation:
$ p4 resolve /path/to/file.java /path/to/file.java - merging
//depot/ML/path/to/file.java#1 Diff chunks: 0 yours + 11 theirs + 0 both + 2
conflicting Accept(a) Edit(e) Diff(d) Merge (m) Skip(s) Help(?) e: s   
And just to be sure:  $ p4 changes //depot/MyBranch/path/to/file.java
$ p4 changes //depot/ML/path/to/file.java Change 555555 on 2015/05/08 by
xxx at xxxwork 'Some message'   
Basically, I have brand new file coming from mainline into my feature branch and
it already have 2 conflicting chunks, with WHAT?
How that could be?

I know how to resolve this, but I don't understand where this conflict comes

Thank you.

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