[p4] Solution file not being initialised correctly by P4VS on load

P4Shimada perforce-user-forum at forums.perforce.com
Tue May 12 09:50:01 PDT 2015

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Hi James,

Thanks for trying the new patch and also the details and update about the client
workspace path having inconsistent slashes (one forward slash and the rest were
back slashes).  This certainly could be the culprit and would make
sense why the software would think the top directory does not exist in the depot
(blue question mark) because possibly it cannot decipher the file path which has
incorrect Windows syntax.

Windows uses backslashes for paths.  Some software tries to
automatically correct when you type the wrong type of slash, so it may not
matter which type of slash you use sometimes. However, sometimes, the difference
still matters.  For example, if you type commands like

cd C:/Windows/   
into the Command Prompt today, you will be taken to the correct folder. This
does not work everywhere in Windows, however. If you type a path like:

into the Open dialog and press Enter, you will see an error saying that the file
name is not valid.

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