[p4] Copying a Revision of a file to a new location in the client workspace.

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Wed May 13 02:35:01 PDT 2015

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The answer to keeping Old Revision related to a workspace goes like this. In the
phase of development cycle as i found, there are multiple users who use and
write codes with changes. There are some peers who don't have access or
requirement of access to that workspace due to varying reasons but has some
improvements related to an idea which was once used in a revision and now
discarded in the latest one. So since its always a big job(also unnecessary) to
keep and manage a complete database of old revisions, the idea is to get those
revisions when needed, share it with peers and do test and when over, just
discard it with an update to the latest copy. Now since this test will be done
by various users who may or maynot have same permission levels to access, the
local copy of revision can be shared from the one who has permission for it.
Some how this requirement came up and it was thought to have a solution this
Thanks for the informative reply @P4Jen and @P4Sam. Please put your thoughts on
this requirement scenario and if there is a better way by P4?  By the
time let me try out the details provided.

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