[p4] integrate - unresolved files say ' nothing to resolve'

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Fri May 15 08:15:01 PDT 2015

Posted on behalf of forum user 'P4Sam'.

Based on the fact that your server version is 2015.1, I think a newer version of
P4V is going to let you resolve these files, but let's see if we can get
them resolved/submitted from the command line first just to get you up and

First let's get you set up to be able to run commands from the command
line.  Do:

p4 set P4PORT=<server:port> p4 set P4USER=<username> p4 set
Make all of these exactly the same as how you have them set in P4V -- the
server:port and username are in the title bar, and the workspace is in the
dropdown over the depot/workspace tab.  Once you have them set
correctly, "p4 info" should confirm that it's right by showing you
your connection information.  (If you get messages like
"connection error" or "client unknown" it means
something's not set the same way it's set in P4V.)

Then do:

p4 opened p4 resolve -am p4 submit -c <change>   
where <change> is the changelist that P4V's not letting you submit.

If you can copy and paste the output of all these commands, and they aren't
doing what you expect, seeing the output may help me figure out what needs to be

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