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Wed May 27 01:45:01 PDT 2015

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Hello. We are ready to take Perforce usage to the next step and I need
assistance in explaining something I do in Git in Perforce terms.

We have an ASP.NET web project that local IIS on each dev machine is linked to
(site is created and points to a designated folder on file system).

In Git, when we are to do feature development, we create a branch spanning from
dev global branch. Switching to that newly create branch and work in it.

Switching to the branch doesn't change the actual file system location of
the project, therefore IIS binding stays solid.

I can make several commits to feature branch during development, that is

Finally, I can merge the feature branch to Dev locally, by switching to dev. The
IIS binding stays correct since the code changes inside folder, not the folder
itself is different.

After I am happy with Dev + my feature branch changes, I push it to origin
(remote repo).

We have a latest P4D on our server that is supposed to support DVSC. How would I
achieve the same workflow with Perforce? 

Thank you in advance.

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