[p4] Restrict creating jobs for general users

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Wed May 27 11:20:02 PDT 2015

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Hi Alexander,

You are welcome. If you do not want to use form triggers, you could block
commands from certain users or groups using the p4broker or pre-command triggers

Another way is to block users from running certain commands using pre-command
triggers. For example, here is one for user 'bruno' so the user can not
run job or jobs. Make it "job$" for just the job command:

no-jobs-bruno command pre-user-job "bash -c %quote%if [
'%user%' == 'bruno' ]; then echo %user% cannot run
%command%; exit 1; fi %quote%"  

$ p4 -u bruno job 'no-jobs-bruno' validation failed: bruno cannot
run user-job  
An in-line bash script to do the test and deny the command, can be used. You can
base this on group membership too, for example:

"bash -c %quote%echo %groups% | grep limited > /dev/null; out=$?;
if [$out = 0 ]; then echo User %user% cannot run %command%.; exit
1; fi %quote%"  
Hope this helps some.

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