[p4] Rollback-Like behavior on Submitted files

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Wed May 27 14:15:01 PDT 2015

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Sorry you are having file issues. To know which file operations have been done
(who reverted the file and when etc), the server log can tell us these details,
but let's see if we need to go there yet.

Knowing the following will help us better trouble-shoot and be able to check for
solutions for your specific environment and version:

a] Which version of the server and client are you using? (See version details in
P4V Help -> System Info)

b] You mentioned the files went through a 'Rollback'. If you select the
file in P4V and do View -> History, does the changelist description have the
actual text 'Rollback' in it to confirm this was done?

c] Does your server have any +Sn file type modifiers enabled? To confirm, what
is the command output of:

p4 typemap -o  

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- Backing out a changelist after multiple subsequent changes

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