[p4] 2014.2 upgrade bug with forwarding replicas

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Wed May 27 14:30:01 PDT 2015

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Hi Rakhee,

Thanks for letting us know which server version you are using. Sorry the
configuration is giving you some trouble. To further trouble-shoot, please let
us know the following answers:

a] When you mention 'the clients on forwarding replica do not see opened
files', which exact command did you run and from which exact server?

b] Are these opened files shelved files?

c] Which server is the Swarm installation pointing to?

d] Have you entered the swarm triggers in the Perforce trigger table?

e] Is it all users on the replica that cannot see opened files or just certain
ones? In case there is some type of permissions issue.

f] Do you see any errors in the Swarm or server log?


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