[p4] P4DTG with LDAP failing

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Thu May 28 13:50:01 PDT 2015

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I will be referencing this dialog on your setup guide, which is the perforce
server source setup dialog. We are using Windows.

First, we created a new user using P4Admin called 'perforce' with a
generic password. The AuthType for this user is set to 'perforce',
unlike our other users which is set to 'ldap'.

Next, we filled in the fields as required in the perforce server source setup
dialog, but when checking the connection we get a "Unable to connect to
server [UsageError] Perforce password (P4PASSWD) invalid or unset". We have
checked the password many times since it is plain text and ensured that it is

To get past this screen, we open up a shell and use 'p4 -u perforce
login' to log the user in. After this, if we make the password field blank
in the dialog then the Check Connection tab works fine, and we can start the
replication service in the mapping tab. However, the logs show this error
"Error for check_connection: [UsageError] Perforce password (P4PASSWD)
invalid or unset".

If we turn LDAP off in perforce there are no issues. We have even tried using
another LDAP user that we have logged into previously to no avail.

Please advice.

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