[p4] Restrict creating jobs for general users

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Sun May 31 07:15:01 PDT 2015

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Thank you very much for your detailed advice! But I have some problems to
implement it. First of all, we use 2013.3 Perforce version. And I didn't
find in Admin Guide any explanation or examples of   pre - user - job 
trigger. Also, %args% variable is not listed at all in the manual. How the
command flags may be checked inside a trigger script in 2013.3? Was this
functionality (pre-command triggers)introduced in later Perforce
We do not use p4broker and I am not familiar with its idea and functionality. Is
it recommended way to restrict commands? How does "Policy B" differ
from using a trigger? Is p4broker expensive from the performance point of view
(additional overhead on each command execution)?

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