[p4] Can I remove default depot depot

Max Pavlov perforce-user-forum at forums.perforce.com
Sun May 31 09:45:01 PDT 2015

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Hello. I will simplify my sequence in question and will get to the point.

I used to have a file my.txt under //depot/web/my.txt.
I was able to get file in local workspace, see it in Swarm, etc.

I've moved my.txt to //Web/my.txt
I've cleared //depot and obliterated it. 

In my P4Admin view I have only Web depot.

When I try to get latest version of my.txt now from /Web/my.txt path, I get an
error, stating that librarian can't get my.txt from path //depot/Web/my.txt

Hmm, how come, I've deleted depot!
Swarm sees my.txt in a correct depot, but can't render it either.

When I go to Server folder on p4d machine, I still see depot folder and /Web
under it.

Recreating an empty depot called depot solves all the problems, except for the
fact that now I have an empty depot that I was trying to get rid off in the
first place.

Please tell me if I can get rid of depot and still get normal perforce server
operations? Thanks!

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