[p4] Safe to edit files while submitting(uploading) them?

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Sun May 31 10:50:01 PDT 2015

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I would not recommend this, since the files are being uploaded from your
workspace.  Depending on what stage the submit is in, editing a file
while it's in progress might result in the submit failing, or in the wrong
version of the file (i.e. a version with the newer edits) being
submitted.  Until the submit is complete and the server has that copy
of your file, no other copy of your file exists anywhere, so it's better not
to modify it until the submit is over.

If your partner has enough local disk space for multiple copies of the files,
one solution might be to have multiple workspaces and copy files between them
locally to avoid having to do multiple file transfers; that way you can work on
one copy of the file while another is being submitted.  I'll give
this a thinking over and see if I can come up with a workflow that'd make
that process relatively painless.

Another option would be to use the DVCS capabilities in the newest version of
Perforce, i.e. for your partner to have a personal Perforce server on his system
rather than one workspace.  That'd allow him to submit at local
speeds, so he'd be able to version his work locally, and then
"push" at the end of the day back to the shared server.

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