[p4] p4merge : misaligned highlighting

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Mon Aug 1 08:35:01 PDT 2016

Posted on behalf of forum user 'i3v'.

I recently ran into the following issue (see the left part of the screenshot):
As you can see, all the highlighting is misaligned. This it what happens, when I
run p4merge (Rev. P4Merge/NTX64/2015.2/1312139) from Matlab (R2016b prerelease)
on Windows 7 x64, via RDP connection. I was able to reproduce this on two
different PCs.

The command, I execute in Matlab is: 
C:\temp\1.txt C:\temp\2.txt') .

This does not happen, if I run the same command from windows cmd or open files
with "File->New Merge of Diff" (see the right part of the

The test files I've used are attached.
I'm not sure how is this possible  :) .
Hope you would consider this info interesting.

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