[p4] P4V - Can no longer resolve files.

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Wed Aug 3 08:40:01 PDT 2016

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A colleague of mine is experiencing a strange issue from time to time when
trying to resolve and re-resolve files.
My colleague is currently using P4V -  Rev. Perforce Visual

The issue seems to be when he has a file opened for edit for a lengthy amount of
time (days, weeks...) and then he synchronizes to the head revision forcing him
to resolve the opened file.
However after a few more synchronizations and resolve attempts it produces a
message stating that " You can no longer resolve 'FILE_NAME'
", See attached image (contains redacted information)

>> Has anyone else encountered this before?
It almost feels like some kind of expiration of something, (ticket, tmp cache,

* It seems that after 5 - 6 interactive resolve attempts he is finally able to
resolve the file and continue working. He also informed me that using P4Win as a
workaround would work  :blink:

Let me know if you need any additional information.



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