[p4] P4V upload speed SLOW in GB Fiber LAN - 2281 jpg, 300Mb, 6 min approx

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Sun Aug 7 11:50:13 PDT 2016

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    On Sunday, August 7, 2016 11:45 AM, Juangea <perforce-user-forum at forums.perforce.com> wrote:

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HI there.

The P4V uploaed speed is really slow, I'm copying 2281 jpg flies, 300Mb and
it takes around 7 min.

If I copy those files manually to the same hard drive in the network it takes
around 2 mins.
If I copy a file that has a weight of 1Gb more or less, manually it takes around
20 seconds, in P4V it takes A LOT...

Can someone give me some advice to improve this please?
We work with very big files and this is a problem because it takes ages to
upload things of 30Gb or similar to the sever in the LAN.

Thanks in advance.

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