[p4] server.commandlimits: how to override values

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Mon Aug 8 02:40:01 PDT 2016

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Hi Guys

Since 2013.2, I can see there is a configurable named  server.commandlimits ,
whose default value is 0, which means that "all users may use command line
overrides for MaxResults, MaxScanRows & MaxLockTime limits defined in the
'p4 group' specs"

( Note : not MaxOpenFiles, added in 2016.1)

The trick is that I cannot figure out how users might override that, and whether
they could do that for all commands.

'p4 -v x=y  command ' is Ok for overriding a configurable, when using a
command, but there you have some attributes of groups to override (MaxResults),
not a configurable. And from what I've experienced, 'p4 -v
MaxResults=myValue command' doesn't override MaxResults, even if I am
one of the concerned group owners.

So my question is:

how could a user override for instance MaxResults? With which commands (if
restricted to a set of commands)?

Thanks for your help

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