[p4] Shelve command on large changelists gets stuck

Matt Janulewicz perforce-user-forum at forums.perforce.com
Mon Aug 8 11:05:01 PDT 2016

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If you are in a distributed environment, do you see the same types of problems
when you submit these changes? Note that in a commit->edge architecture,
using a fairly new p4d, a submit will essentially shelve a file in the
background for purposes of transferring the changes to the commit server. So in
a way, it doesn't necessarily matter how big your submit is, it's going
to get shelved one way or another. I believe they made a lot of improvements in
shelving efficiency after 2015.1 or so.

Note that you can 'p4 info' on the commandline or look at
help->system info in P4V to find out what version of the server you're
connected to. If it's 2015.1 or so, I'd expect some inefficiencies
around shelving. An upgrade should be in order!

One interesting thing to do (if you can get a shell on your servers) is to tail
(follow) the journal (on both the commit and edge at the same time) as
you're submitting or shelving. Any filesystem or network problems will
surface there as you watch your files trickle through.  :)

Lastly, just putting this here for posterity, when you submit files through a
distributed architecture or otherwise shelve them, and you have auto-promoted
shelves, it could put a burden on the filesystem on your commit server. Be sure
you have fast disks, optimized filesystem, etc. Depending on how many of your
replicas auto populate the files you happen to be submitting, you might be
shelving files to send them to the commit server, then immediately and
simultaneously sending them out to all the other replicas that sync those files.

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