[p4] Questions about rotating a journal if its outside of the p4root directory.

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Tue Aug 9 03:00:01 PDT 2016

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Hi Folks,

So I moved my journal file out of the P4ROOT directory as prompted to by the
instructions here:    http://answers.perforce.com/articles/KB/2408

>   By default, the current journal file name is  journal  and it is located in the P4ROOT directory. However, if a disk failure corrupts that root directory, your journal file is inaccessible, too. Therefore, you should not use the default but instead set up your journal file so that it is written to a filesystem  other than the P4ROOT filesystem . You can set the   P4JOURNAL [http://www.perforce.com/perforce/doc.current/manuals/cmdref/env.P4JOURNAL.html]  environment variable on the Perforce Server (or in Unix, start Perforce with the -J flag) to indicate where to write the journal file. (See the System Administrator's Guide for more on this)    
However I'm getting confused by the following:

-  If I use the p4d -jc command from my P4ROOT directory my checkpoints are the
  expected size (incrementally bigger) and everything looks good up untill the
  moment I notice its made a new journal file in the P4ROOT directory NOT the
  new journal directory defined by the changed P4JOURNAL enviroment variable.
  The new journals in the P4ROOT remain at 1kb indefinately leading me to think
  it just continues to write to the old journal in the directory defined by  
  P4JOURNAL instead of these new rotated journals.
-  Meanwhile if I use p4d -jc from the P4JOURNAL directory it does make a new
  journal in the right place but it also creates a bunch of db files there (But
  the entire point of this was to have the db files and journal in seperate
  places >:/ ).  It then also makes tiny checkpoints, implying that
  its just backing up the new db files in the P4Journal directory, not my actual
  versioning database.
-  Its worth noting one of the journals outside of the P4ROOT directory must be
  being written to (as was the intention) because deleting the P4Journal
  directory causes perforce to lock up with error messages.

So I was wondering how should I be making a checkpoint inorder to make sure my
journal at the p4journal directory is rotated, but without creating a whole new
set of db files over there?

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