[p4] set default P4CONFIG and P4IGNORE for all users (of a server)?

CarolineB perforce-user-forum at forums.perforce.com
Wed Aug 10 02:30:01 PDT 2016

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Hi David

I guess the means might depend on the kind of clients/users you have. Windows?

You might discuss with your IT team, so that they have P4ENVIRO set on the
machines of your Perforce users, P4ENVIRO targeting a file which would be either
mounted on all concerned machines, or deployed by your kind IT team. (Could be
the same for P4IGNORE)

Otherwise, you could imagine having them reading a short note/wiki page,
whenever they are granted access to a Perforce depot, listing some
recommendations. But it'd have to be a very short note, otherwise, they are
sure not to read it  :)  

AFAIK, there is no centralized embedded means to define users environment


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