[p4] Determine if depots directory contains unnecessary files

Br.Bill perforce-user-forum at forums.perforce.com
Sat Aug 13 13:30:01 PDT 2016

Posted on behalf of forum user 'Br.Bill'.

I inherited some p4d instances that were backed up regularly with rsync. This is
awesome, because we had a disk crash on one of the instances and I was able to
recover it from the backup. Cool.

Unfortunately, I found that the rsync command used for those backups was not
doing exact sync. It did not --delete files in the target that were removed in
the source. This went on for years and now there are gobs of files in the depots
that are unnecessary. Orphaned.

Is there a way to determine which files stored in the depots are orphans and
could be removed? I don't want to keep that stuff around. Some of them are
likely blob archives and take up a lot of space. I just don't know which
ones p4d knows about.


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